Carriger, Gail - Soulless

Title: Soulless
Author: Gail Carriger

Genre: Fiction (Urban Fantasy)

Love/Hate?: Love!
Rating: 5/5
Did you finish?: Yes -- but I didn't want it to end!

One-sentence summary: A spinster with no soul battles

Why did you get this book?: Recommended by a friend who thought it sounded right up my alley (and they were right!)

Do you like the cover?: Yes.

First line from book: Miss Alexia Tarabotti was not enjoying her evening.

Review: I really can't form complete sentences about this book, mostly because I'm still squeeing over it. Carriger has the complete package: fun premise, great heroine, delicious characters, wonderful setting, and outrageous plot. I couldn't put this book down, and I'm so grateful there's a sequel. I so deeply appreciated that Alexia wasn't a preternaturally beautiful woman; she had a kind of Austenian air to her -- smart and resigned -- and I found her very believable and very likable. Lord Maccon might be my new literary boyfriend.



  1. Just bought it a few days ago, can't wait to read it!

  2. Touloulou -- I hope you like it! I found it so fun and sexy!


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