Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Moorat, A.E. - Queen Victoria, Demon Hunter

Title: Queen Victoria: Demon Hunter
Author: A.E. Moorat

Genre: Fiction (Horror?)

Love/Hate?: Love!
Rating: 5/5
Did you finish?: Yes -- laughing the whole time, too.

One-sentence summary: Queen Victoria slays zombies.

Why did you get this book?: I've seen it around but haven't heard any buzz.

Do you like the cover?: Yes.

First line from book: Much later, as he watched his manservant, Perkins, eating the dog, Quimby gloomily reflected on the unusual events of the evening.

Review: I didn't know what to expect when I started this book, but I was pleasantly surprised. It was more graphically gross than I anticipated -- but I'm not normally a zombie/horror reader, so maybe it's not really too shocking for folks used to the genre? Gore aside, this novel has a wonderful sense of humor -- so much so I was constantly chortling, giggling, and chuckling on my commute. The alternate history presented by Moorat was fun and believable (for me, but I'm not a Victorian scholar). I think Quimby had to be my favorite character, followed by Queen Victoria -- I have a bit of a girlcrush on her!

Moorat's next book is on Henry VIII as a werewolf, I think -- I'll likely pick it up because the tone and humor in this one was so good.

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