Stiefvater, Maggie - Shiver

Maggie Stiefvater, Shiver (5/5)

I don't normally read YA fiction because I usually find it too formulaic or trite, and so the negative reviews left me a little apprehensive. I managed only the first twenty pages of the first Twilight book before putting it down in disgust. Shiver, however, captured me from the start and absolutely captivated me. I found the story icy-feeling (but not emotionally cold), bittersweet and poignant, and deliciously romantic. The high schoolers seemed like real teenagers, and while I was put off by Grace's absentee parents (are any parents really artists?!), the story was so engrossing and vivid I was able to move past it. Honestly, I'm shocked at how much I loved the romance of the two main characters; normally I'm so curmudgeon-y, I hate it, but in this case, Stiefvater made it just sweet enough to capture you without being cloying.


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