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Rose of Sebastopol - Katharine McMahon

Title : The Rose of Sebastopol Author : Katharine McMahon Genre : Historical Fiction Love/Hate? : Love, ohmygod, love. Rating : 5/5 Did you finish? : Yes. I couldn't stop reading! One-sentence summary : Proper English woman, Mariella, goes to Crimea in search of her missing cousin Rosa. Why did you get this book? : Frankly, because it was available in e-book form from the library at a moment when I was between books. Do you like the cover? : Yes, the cover just grabs me. First line from book: We arrived in Narni late on a Sunday evening. Review : This is going to be another breathless, sputtering review as I literally finished this book minutes ago. I'm teary, all caught up in the emotion of the story and my love for the characters, which is the sign of a fantastic book. I knew absolutely nothing about this book when I got it which meant I had no idea even of the plot, so it was a real delight to try to guess where the story was going. McMahon is a talented writer:

Reading and writing

After finishing my Ada Leverson (review to come soon, I hope), I immediately began Rose of Sebastopol by Katharine McMahon. Initially, I thought I'd quit reading -- the infidelity presented so immediately bothered me and I wasn't sure I could take the story -- but the characters are so engrossing, I'm unable to put the book down. I hope to finish it before this weekend -- I can't stand not reading it during the day! I'm curious about a writer's group in the area but don't know where to start. I hope the Progoff workshop this weekend will help kick start my writing. Reading all my author blogs has made me wish and yearn again, even though I know all I have to do is start. Such a tough leap.