Heresy - S.J. Parris

Title: Heresy
Author: S.J. Parris

Genre: Historical Fiction

Love/Hate?: Didn't dislike
Rating: 3-4/5
Did you finish?: Sadly, no!

One-sentence summary: Ex-monk travels to Elizabethan England is search of missing ancient text.

Why did you get this book?: I received a copy from a Wonders & Marvels drawing

Do you like the cover?: Yes

First line from book: The outer door was thrown open with a crash that resounded along the passage, and the floorboards shook with the purposeful march of several pairs of feet.

Review: I wanted very much to like this book -- the premise was interesting enough, but I think I'm just too sexist in my reading to get very invested in a male protagonist. Frankly, I wanted Sophia Underhill to be the hero of the story, not Giordano, and so I didn't get very far into the book. What I read was enjoyable enough, but not gripping, and even though the story is built around some true figures, it felt a little too DaVinci Code for me.


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