Marr, Elspeth - Aunt Epp's Guide for Life

Title: Aunt Epp's Guide for Life: Miscellaneous Musings of a Victorian Lady
Author: Elspeth Marr; Christopher Rush (editor)

Genre: Diary & Memoir/Reference

Love/Hate?: Love
Rating: 5/5
Did you finish?: Yes!

One-sentence summary: Entertaining advice from a Victorian wife.

Why did you get this book?: I received a review copy from Wonders & Marvels

Do you like the cover?: Yes

First line from book: N/A

Review: This delicious little book is the collected wisdom of a Mrs Elspeth Marr, a Victorian wife writing for an unknown female. The advice is shockingly modern, wickedly funny, and very practical. I mean, the woman suggests sex as a cure for insomnia! (Unless one is unmarried. Then she suggests onions.)

Books like this are a lovely reminder that free thinkers have always been around, that women -- regardless of era -- possess great wisdom, and humans always suffer sleepless nights!


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