Short Fiction Friday, 8/27

This week's offerings are all of a sci-fi-ish bent. Clearly I was in a mood when I started collecting items!

'Invisible' by Lisa Martens

This is not a story for the easily offended: a very direct look at sexism and desire. Twisted -- and very good.

'Five Rules for Commuting in the Underworld' by Merrie Haskell

I have a soft spot for Persephone, and I like stories that place power back in her hands.

'The Fermi Paradox Is Our Business Model' by Charlie Jane Anders

I'm a bit impatient with scifi that is too technical too fast, or loaded with a lot of scientific jargon that goes over my head. This great piece has fabulous world building, and does so in a brief amount of space and time without losing the reader.


  1. I enjoyed the Persephone story--turning it around and putting it in another perspective was very interesting. I love retellings of myths, and this one was especially sassy.


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