Teaser Tuesday!

Inspired/lured by Should Be Reading, I'm taking part in Teaser Tuesday.

I'm cheating (so soon!) by posting the paragraph. Two sentences isn't enough!

Roch recognized the fragrance of carnation and lily of the valley. Blanche would leave a little perfume bottle open, probably to mask the odor of the room, the mercenary smell of a place where too many had passed and no one lived. Yet Roch forgot about the mixed scents, about the roundish stains on the chairs and the flowery coverlet. He wrapped his arms around Blanche and kissed her greedily. He realized how much he had missed her during those three days since the attack.

From For the King by Catherine Delors. Don't let the quote fool you; it's got some sexy in it, but this book also reads like a thriller. I am in swoons over it.


  1. Interesting- why was he away? You can read our TT here.

  2. Lol. I find myself cheating frequently on Teaser Tuesdays. I almost always post more than two sentences!

  3. Great quote.. for a great book. Glad you are enjoying it, I loved the thriller feel of it.

  4. @Pixie -- Work, perhaps the only thing that could keep him away.

    @Natalie -- I'm glad I'm not the only one!

    @Marie -- I am madly in love with this book so far. All that stuff I adore about historicals with a delicious crime thing going.


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