Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Banned Book Month (!)

I know that it's typically Banned Book Week (this year, Sept 25 - Oct 2), but inspired by Bites, I'm doing Banned Book Month, September 2 through October 2nd.


Having attended a high school that succumbed to book banning as well as currently living near a town where one family is working hard to ban books, I'm passionate about this topic. Not only do I oppose book banning on principle, but as a lesbian who hopes to have a family, I am particularly hurt by those who wish to make me and my loved ones invisible. The reasons books get banned are varied, but all wrong, and it's important to fight censorship in our communities. /soapbox

I'm still working on my content, but I hope to feature my favorite banned books and see what banned books all of you read. Any ideas? Let me know!

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