Mailbox Monday, Tuesday edition!

Yesterday was a postal holiday so no mail -- which means today is my Mailbox Monday! And as I actually got goodies over the week, I couldn't resist posting!

The goodies are:

A Circle of Souls by Preetham Grandhi, thanks to GoodReads Giveaway;

Cinders by, from a giveaway by VVB32 Reads (and signed by the author Michelle Davidson Argyle!);

John Belushi is Dead, from a giveaway by From the TBR Pile;

The Pindar Diamond from a GoodReads swap;

and finally, a Catherine de Medici pendant from C.W. Gortner, via Historical Novel Review. (I'm wearing it to work tomorrow!)

This almost makes up for the fact that the Post Office lost/destroyed a package of eight books that I had a sent for a GoodReads swap. I'm super steamed at the loss of the books and that I'm not getting credit for shipping them. Le sigh.


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