Wandering Thursday, Sept 16

Another wandering Thursday since my Wednesday was full of...work. Hm, I'm not sure I approve of Working Wednesday!

  • The Millions always has really interesting posts that are sort of dreamy, sort of random, but always fascinating, kind of like my teenaged-idea of what hanging out at a coffee shop would be like. Today's article is about novellas being pushed as novels.

  • Beginning September 29th, an Elizabeth Gaskell blog tour! (I suppose I should wait until it gets closer, but I'm pretty excited about it!)

  • Having been assigned I, Rigoberta Menchú in college, I've been particularly interested in all the controversy that's subsequently followed her; a new article in the Nation summarizes the story of Ms Menchú and her memoir.

  • Author Karen Essex's blog post says it all: 'No Sex, Please, We're Literary'.

  • American Scholar has a piece on the Lady Chatterly ban in the UK, made a little more human by looking at those who were involved in the trial.

  • And finally, a very late but interesting article from the Guardian about modern textspeak and Victorian emblematic poetry.


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