Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wandering Thursday

Back to Thursday for my link post -- apparently the theme will wander the days of the week and the web!

  • 'When book recommendations go wrong'. I just had a convo this month with a friend in which we agreed, it's horrifying when we get book recommendations from someone we like, and it's awful; and then we were shocked to discover her all-time-desert-island-pick was, like, my least favorite book in history. It was awkward for a moment.
  • 'Getting seasick with Somerset Maugham'. One, I've got a bit of a girlcrush on Jessa Crispin; two, I've got a bit of a mancrush on Somerset Maugham; and three, I love travel writing.
  • Nicola Griffith considers offering 'The perfect writing class'. I'm kind of drooling over this. Author Nicola Griffith is feeling out interest in a writing class taught by her. Were I doing any serious writing I would consider it, but where I am now, I can only watch and drool.
  • 'Mr Rochester is a creep'. I loved this because I vastly prefer Wuthering Heights to Jane Eyre. I so don't get the Rochester love. But I also think it's a fun piece because I know many are all wrathful about Edward Cullen (that's the vampire's name, right?) and his behavior toward Ms Swan, and here we see it's nothing new!
  • Jennifer Egan: Gallery of Writer's Impulses. This article is what inspired me to pick up The Keep from the library.
  • And finally, winners of the Georgette Heyer Historical Novel Award. I'm always in need of book recommendations, and award winners usually satisfy!

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