Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wandering Wednesday, Oct 20

This week has been breezing by!  I'm in a bit of a reading funk; finishing up Kiss Me Deadly which is great so far, but I find after each short story I keep pausing to savor/digest, and I'm getting through it very slowly!

This week's wanderings include...

A New York Times piece on touring writers' houses.  Interesting -- but I was shocked by the author's suggestion that there are only 73 writers' houses open to the public.  That's it?  But then I thought back to the few literary pilgrimages I've made in the last few years -- Dashiell Hammett, H.D. -- and I remembered their houses weren't available for tour, so...maybe 73 is all there is!

The Guardian reports on Google Translate's foray into translating poetry!  To make things easy, the example used is Lewis Carroll's 'Jabberwocky'.

Beacon Press, one of my favorite publishers, has a fabulous blog; one of their employees blogs about arranged marriages and 'liberated' Indian women.  Thought-provoking, and now, of course, I'm on the search for Love in a Headscarf!

A music album inspired by Anaïs Nin!  (She made the list as one of my top ten favorite authors.)

A brief piece on the auction of the original art for the cover of Charlotte's Web.


  1. Wow--I also would have guessed there would be 100s of author houses open to tour. But...given that many of them probably weren't wealthy and moved around and stuff like the rest of us...maybe a lot of them are private homes. Which is kinda cool, in a way--someday you could live in an author's former home!

  2. Rowenna -- that's exactly it. Dashiell Hammett's apartment, for example, was a rental -- and is still a rental. A library or book association put up a small plaque at the door to the building, but rather reasonably doesn't identify which unit it is. We ran into a local that claimed to know and pointed it out to us -- my wife and I just daydreamed about how awesome it would be to rent Dashiell Hammett's rental!!