Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nautical Fiction Reading Challenge Selections

As it gets closer to 2011, I'm starting to get my reading challenges in order!  For my Nautical Fiction Reading Challenge, I'm going to aim for Dinghy -- five books -- but my list is a little longer because there are so many I want to read -- I just don't know if I'll get to all of them!  Any thoughts or opinions or suggestions about my list?  Tell me!

  • Frans Gunnar Bengtsson - The Long Ships (this was discussed on an email list of mine and cited as a favorite by many)
  • Kate Brailler - The Boundless Deep (whaling and reincarnation!  Who can resist?)
  • J.D. Davies - Gentleman Captain (I've had this ARC for forever and a day)
  • Amanda Grange - Captain Wentworth's Diary (can never have enough Wentworth)
  • Cecilia Holland - The Soul Thief (Vikings!)
  • Kirsten McKenzie - Captain's Wife (I don't know how this ended up on my TBR, but there ya go!)
  • China MiĆ©ville - Kraken (I have to double check on this one, as I'm not sure it's actually nautical.  Sea monster-y, yes, but nautical?)
  • Lisa Moore - February (has an Anita Shreve sort of feel to it, I think)
  • Sena Jeter Naslund - Ahab's Wife (I'm pretty resistant to giving Naslund another chance after the disaster of Adam & Eve, but people I like love this book so maybe I need to be a big girl)
  • Jay Parini - The Passage of H.M. (Love Salem, love Newton Arvin's bio of Melville, sort of loathe the man himself)
  • Thomas Trofimuk - Waiting for Columbus (Another iffy one -- the main character thinks he's Columbus, but isn't actually a sailor...)
Any other nautical-fiction I should add to my list? 


  1. Hmm, maybe I should sign up for this challenge. I don't read much nautical fiction, but love the sea. (Go figure.)

    I loved The Boundless Deep though one thing about it drove me nuts. I won't say what, so as not to prejudice you either way, and it may just be me! I've been meaning to read Ahab's Wife for ages. There's an absolutely gorgeous trade pb edition that I covet, even though I already own the hardcover. Passages of H.M. just showed up in my mailbox, so I'm tempted, but I'll probably read Ahab's Wife first.

    Waiting for Columbus was just okay. Too much of a male-fantasy scenario for me (all the women in the book find him irresistible).

    I'll be curious which ones you choose. Thanks for sponsoring the challenge!

  2. Sarah -- I was shocked to see how much nautical fiction was on my TBR -- so why not make myself feel successful as well?! ;)

    Thanks so much for your thoughts on my list -- I think I'm going to pass on Waiting for Columbus -- I was already on the fence about the hero-worship-y aspect. I'm pretty sure Boundless Deep and Ahab's Wife are making the final cut -- I'm so curious to see if the thing from BD bothers me as well!

  3. i read ahab's wife and liked it (not love). i added the nautical chart from arturo perez-reverte as i found it in sitting in my tbr pile. i plan on joining you with kraken - such a cool monster name ;-D