Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wandering Wednesday, Nov 3

This week's wanderings around the internet...

I love Virago books with my whole body.  A great post about what it means to be their Modern Classics editor.  (It only furthers one of my daydreams about being in publishing.)

A previously unseen manuscript by Dr Seuss went up for auction about two weeks ago; I haven't heard what it went for, but what a treat to own.

In a story that has me green with envy, a bookstore employee enthuses about a book during a workshop, leading to the book's selection as this year's Pulitzer winner.  If only my blog gushing had such an effect on the world!

The Virginia Quarterly Review interviews Alice Munro.

One of my favorite writers on one of my favorite writers; or, Catherine Delors on Jane Austen's editing.  Ms Delors is right: this story has become viral so it might be old news to many of you.  Still, very interesting!

And finally, an article on the future of steampunk (a genre I like but know little about) that calls out "a disturbing trend towards Empire worship and a hidden undercurrent of racism".  I love the idea of post-colonial steampunk.


  1. I hadn't heard about the Jane Austen article by Catherine Delors, so I am grateful for the link!

  2. @Nicole -- My pleasure. If I were really on my game, I'd do a roundup of all the commentary on the Jane Austen news -- many bloggers that I like and admire wrote about it -- but with the election stuff in the US I've been a bit crazed!

  3. Do you enjoy steampunk movies as well?

  4. @PinkStuff28: I don't know! I've seen a few -- I think -- like Sky Captain and ... does Metropolis count? If you can recommend anything I'd be interested!