Wandering Wednesday on Thurs, 11/18

I missed Wandering Wednesday (my pseudo-meme where I share bookish links I find interesting!) to post my Gratitude Giveaway, and then today I found an interesting link I just had to share.  So, Wandering Wednesday just wandered onto Thursday.

I recently read and reviewed Gary Shteyngart's Super Sad True Love Story and today my LibraryThing monthly newsletter featured an interview with Mr Shteyngart!  He talks about a few different things, including his love for Russian literature, which then made me think of this great interview I just read, between blogger Boston Bibliophile and professional translator Lisa Hayden Espenschade (who loves Russian literature, too!).  (Which then made me think of Our Tragic Universe, another book I just read and reviewed, which features a main character in love with Russian literature.)

I could probably go on for hours like this but I'm going to stop here.  Enjoy!


  1. Might go check it out later...it might change my oppinion on reading his book.


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