Saturday, December 11, 2010

Georgette Heyer Reading Challenge

Shocking confession: I've never read any Georgette Heyer!  I've been a historical fiction nut for forever and a day, but somehow I never hit upon any Heyer.  Until now, thanks to the Georgette Heyer Reading Challenge by All Things Historical.  I'm considering the following three, but of course, welcome opinions, advice, and suggestions!

April Lady
The Spanish Bride

Also recommended: Black Sheep and Arabella


  1. HIGHLY recommend Black Sheep - it's my favourite of Heyer's.

  2. me too. haven't read georgette and there are lots of good ones to try.

  3. Audra thanks for participating in my challenge! I've heard great things about Arabella which I hope to get my hands on so I can read it. I'm reading black sheep and the conqueror. I don't what other 3 I'll read b/c it depends on what I can get my hands on :)


  4. I have to confess after so many people raved about Georgette Heyer, I picked up Devil's Cub, but couldn't get past page 30. Now you've made me rethink it and I think I'll give GH another chance, maybe I should also ask for recommendation as to with which one I should start.

    Good luck for the challenge, I'll think I'll sign up too :-)

  5. I've never read any Heyer either, but one of my book clubs has decided to read her next year, so it looks like I will finally get around to it!