On Vacation!

Beginning 12/24 through 1/8, I'm going to be abroad with my in-laws.  Very generously, they invited me along on their family vacation, and I'll be touring Italy, Greece, Turkey, Israel, and Egypt via a Mediterranean cruise!  (I know, I'm jealous of myself!)  I suspect I won't be able to get online, even to share photos with friends, so alas, the blog will briefly be on hiatus.  But I'll be back with a bang as I'm part of the TLC Book Tours blog tour of The Metropolis Case -- my review will be posted on the 11th. 

A safe and happy New Year's to all -- I look forward to seeing what your holiday hauls brought and sharing more book-ish love in 2011!


  1. I am so jealous! ;) Have fun on the trip and happy holidays!

  2. I am so so jealous of you! haha but in a good way ;) Have fun !!

    Happy holidays ^^

  3. All: Thank you -- like I said, I'm jealous of myself! Doesn't seem real -- but I'm off so I suppose it'll sink in, soon! ;) Thanks for the well-wishes!

  4. Sounds like a dream holiday!!

    Have a wonderful time and will look for for reviews in the New Year :)

  5. have a great trip! wishing you well and happy holidays too!


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