Random Magic Book Tour begins with Musical Blog Hop!

The Random Magic book blog tour -- Winterlong -- begins today!  See the blogs below for holiday music relating to Random Magic.

Random Magic Tour: Winterlong
Dec. 10-23, 2010

About: Random Magic

Win something wonderful: Tour prizes
Random Magic (Gift-wrapped, first edition)
Fairy tale mini-dolls (Madame Alexander series, complete set)

Magical Covers art event: Prize pack
Beautiful art journal
This Book Belongs To bookplates set
2011 ARC (pre-pub.) YA winter-themed novel

Dec. 10
Winterlong: Musical Blog Hop
Come sit by the fire and enjoy some lovely winter tunes…

#1 of 10: Spellbound by Books
Themes (song and book): Buoyancy - Good Cheer

#2 of 10: Geeky Blogger
Themes (song and book): Reflection - Spirituality

#3 of 10: Ecstatic Reviews
Themes (song and book): Fortitude - Quirkiness

#4 of 10: Elbit Blog
Themes (song and book): Tenderness - Devotion

#5 of 10: The Reading Lassie
Themes (song and book): Magic - Mystery

#6 of 10: A Reader’s Adventure
Theme (song and book): Celebration - Humor

#7 of 10: vvb32 Reads
Themes (song and book): Love - Geniality

#8 of 10: About Happy Books
Themes (song and book): Comedy - Creativity

#9 of 10: The True Book Addict
Themes (song and book): Hope - Light

#10 of 10: The Fluidity of Time
Themes (song and book): Art - Beauty - Inspiration

(Blog Hop Summary – via vvb32)

Notes: Songs on the blog hop are nice songs for winter, and they also reflect themes found in Random Magic.

Bonus: Free winter song for every stop on the hop, feel free to visit all blogs to find them all.


  1. which song did you like most?
    i liked the one on A Reader's Adventure.

  2. I can't pick yet -- right now am stymied as one of these pages has a music widget that plays automatically and it's clashing with the blog hop song! But so far, what I've heard, I love -- how do I choose between Detors and McKinnett and Teng?!

  3. oh yeah, with the clashers. just open and listen to the song on youtube. or hunt for the widget to turn off.


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