Friday, January 28, 2011

Short Fiction Friday, Jan 28

My semi-regular feature, Short Fiction Friday, points to some free pieces of fabulous storytelling found online. 

From Stephanie Dray, 'The Threshing Floor': This ridiculously amazing story packs a mega punch in the gut.  It's fierce and angry and sexy and magical; it's got religion and feminism and mythology and as the author warns, it's also 18+ -- not for any naughty but for some of the themes mentioned.

From J. Nelson Leith, 'Heather Hadrigal': A fun, odd, mysterious piece that begs to be reread -- is it sci-fi?  Horror?  Mystery?  I don't know, but I like it.

From E. Catherine Tobler, 'The Swallow and the Sea': A nautical yarn and ghost story, with a fringe of romance.  I inhaled this story the first time I read it and returned twice because it has such a delicious chilly romance.

And finally, the Library of America has a weekly free story on their blog.  The selections have great introductions and I just love seeing the features, as it's often short fiction I've never read by authors I greatly enjoy. 

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  1. i may have to read the swallow and the sea. got me at nautical being that it reminds me of your challenge. and thanks for the library of america tip.

    also, if you like richard armitage you may want to check out this online fiction...