Friday, February 4, 2011

Book Beginnings on Friday, Feb 4

A new meme which seems very fun - Book Beginnings by A Few More Pages.  The meme is simple: share the first line of the book you're currently reading and what your impression was after reading it!

My selection today comes from the wildly good Thomas Hardy Far from the Madding Crowd.  It's my first Hardy and I'm totally in love.  As always with these memes, I can't limit myself, so I'm sharing the first three sentences because that's what hooked me.  I pretty much had a crush on Gabriel Oak by page five, and then a crush on Bathsheba Everdene pretty quick after that.  There's a metric ton of drama and romance in this book and I feel a Hardy reading jag coming on!
When Farmer Oak smiled, the corners of his mouth spread till they were within an unimportant distance of his ears, his eyes were reduced to mere chinks, and the diverging wrinkles appeared round them, extending upon his countenance like the rays in a rudimentary sketch of the rising sun.

His Christian name was Gabriel, and on working days he was a young man of sound judgment, easy motions, proper dress, and general good character.  On Sundays he was a man of misty views, rather given to postponing treatment of things, whose best clothes and seven-and-sixpenny umbrella were always hampering him: upon the whole, one who felt himself to occupy morally that vast middle space of Loadicean neutrality which lay between the Communion people of the parish and the drunken division of its inhabitants -- that is, he went to church, but yawned privately by the time the congregation reached the Nicene creed, and thought of what there would be for dinner when he meant to be listening to the sermon.


  1. Far From the Madding Crowd has been on my long TBR list forever. I picked up a copy eons ago and just never get around to reading it.

    Thanks for stopping by mine!

  2. I like this beginning. It really sets the character.

    Here is my BBF :)