Three giveaways just ended and I have four winners!

The winner of Separate Kingdoms is ... Zibilee of Raging Bibliomania

The winner of Where the Dog Star Never Glows is ...BlueMist

The winners of Heart of Deception are ... Nancy and avalonne83

Congrats to all! If you haven't won, don't despair: I've got three giveaways going on now and a few more opening next week!


  1. Hi, this is Suko--did I win something? Or is the winner BlueMist?

  2. @Suko -- my apologies -- she follows your blog and I misread that as it being your blog! Sorry to tease!

  3. er, I misread it as being HER blog. Oofta. That's what I get for posting without coffee!

  4. Yay! So glad to have won this book, Audra! Thanks for giving me the chance to win it! Congratulations to the other winners as well!

  5. YAY Thank you so much Audra. :-) Replied your email.

  6. Congrats to BlueMist! Audra, thank you for clarifying that. :)


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