Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Follow, June 17

Inspired by the Twitter meme (#ff), I'm doing my own monthly Friday Follow.  Below are some blogs I enjoy following and I think you might enjoy following as well!  Check out my recommendations for May, and read on for this month's group.  If you have any recommendations, do share!

.bibliophile. .anonymous.: Jessie and her blog are a new find for me but I just love her voice and her friendly warmth.  Reading her is like dishing books with a close friend (check out her reviews of The Tea Rose and The Winter Rose for a taste; these reviews had me snortling with delight!). Jessie has a lovely meme of her own, Blog Watch Wednesday, in which she shouts out the blogs she likes and it's that open interest in connecting with passionate readers like herself that makes her a delight to read and chat with.

Burton Book Review: If you are a historical fiction fan, you must check out Marie's blog.  One of the first blogs I read regularly, I was immediately captivated by the quality of the reviews.  Whether it's a newer release or a reissue by a classic author, she writes honest reviews that always make my TBR much, much longer. Marie's participation in Armchair BEA really gave me a deeper appreciation for her skill as a blogger: she's a pro, really, and very generous with assistance to new bloggers.  And finally, her list of Jean Plaidy's books, organized by series, is just plain awesome (and also, sanity restoring for anyone who likes to read a series in order!).

Nomadreader: I don't recall how I found Carrie's blog, but she had me at Orange Prize-loving foodie.  Carrie reviews a lot of 'hot' literary fiction and I look forward to her thoughts on short listed and long listed award winning novels.  (I trust her opinion a lot more than other sources!)  She also blogs a bit about food and films -- and with a new move to the middle of the US -- offers armchair escape and fabulous recommendations.

Savvy Verse & Wit: Serena's blog passion is literary and poetic works, and her reviews highlight some of the loveliest books and authors.  Most are new to me, and they are exciting finds from a reader who clearly loves the play of language.  Her weekly Virtual Poetry Circle invites readers to consider a poem in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere over the weekend -- talk about a lovely way to start a Saturday!


  1. These are all really great blogs, and I follow most of them. I need to check out The Burton Review, as that one is new to me. Thanks for sharing this list with us!

  2. I have to go and have a look at those :) I do love finding new blogs

  3. Thanks for highlighting my blog. I was surprised to pop over and see it here. :) You made my day. I really love Burton Review -- that's where I get my historical fix. Bibliophile anonymous is new to me, so I'll have to check out what reviews are having you snortling with delight!

  4. Audra, you're amazing. Made my day. Thanks for the links, Burton Review ESPECIALLY for the Jean Plaidy list! I can't imagine the effort and time that took :)

  5. Jessie: I know, the Plaidy list is GOLD.

    Serena: Enjoy the new-to-you blogs! I wasn't sure if I should say something or not and opted for not because I didn't want to seem weird or like I was luring people over. Perhaps I should have warned folks!

  6. Thanks for featuring me! It's nice to be in such good company:-)