Friday, June 10, 2011

Guest post on Nautical Fiction and mobile view

Inspired by Captain Wentworth's Boating Party, a Persusasion-themed event at vvb32reads, I wrote up a guest post on nautical fiction and my favorite boat-ish books.  I hope you'll stop by and tell me what you think!

Second, I've gone mobile!  (Mobile-view, technically.)  For those of you with smartphones and QR code readers, I present: 
Folks with Blogger blogs can activate mobile view by going to Settings > Email & Mobile and selecting 'Yes' for mobile view.  Smartphone owners can use apps like Google Goggles to read QR codes. 


  1. I wonder if Wordpress has something like this.

  2. interesting. i've been wondering what those symbol were. even saw one for my local starbucks.

  3. @Serena -- I just got notification that this was possible only a few days ago, so it's brand new for blogspot. Perhaps WP will follow in a few days? (Or already has it?)

    @Vee -- I know, until I got my Droid phone I had no idea what the QR codes were for -- we just started using them at work and that's the only reason I finally found out!

  4. I plan to buy a smart phone TODAY so I shall check out your QR code then :-)