My wife gets bitten by the blogging bug...

My wife has gotten bitten by the blogging bug: Big Bad Belly.  She's spearheading a totally insane experiment that I'm witnessing/participating in/commenting on: six diets in six months.  From raw vegan to the Mediterranean diet, we're trying out different ways of eating/cooking to see what we like.  She's doing the hard work; I'm just eating the results.  If you're a foodie or have any cookbook recommendations, pop by her blog and say hello -- I'm sure she'd love the support!


  1. This is very cool! I am going to have to follow along and check it out!

  2. @Heather: Hopefully it'll be entertaining -- my wife has decided on a number of criteria, such as 'Does this diet make me want to jump a child for their chicken nugget'. (You know, the important details.)

  3. This sounds interesting...and entertaining! Your comment about "...jumping a child for her chicken mcnugget" is great and I totally understand it.

    I'm going to be reviewing some healthy diet type book for TLC Books in a couple of months. If your wife is still one the diet plan, I'll let you know what it is (I have no clue at the moment except that it sounded like a good idea when the opportunity came along since I was having a "fat" night! lol)

  4. Sounds like a great experiment. Good luck!

  5. Wow. What a commitment. Heading over to check it out now!


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