Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Reads and other requests

Today ends a rather hectic week, which followed another hectic week, so I have to apologize to everyone for being behind on commenting. I also owe Ari of Reading in Color a huge double apology for completely flaking on my interview with her. She sent amazing questions which are half answered in my draft email folder and the fault lies totally with me.  Ari, I'm sorry!

I'm sort of between books and swimming in a few current reads, all interesting enough but not keep-me-up-all-night compelling. So, my FridayReads for this week are: Call Me Princess by Sara Blaedel (Scandinavian crime novel), A Man of Parts: A Novel of H. G. Wells by David Lodge (historical novel about, surprise!, H.G. Wells), and Poison Penmanship: The Gentle Art of Muckraking by Jessica Mitford (non-fiction essays on 1950s America).  What are you reading this weekend?

And finally, a request. I have a custom URL for this blog! Hooray! Only I don't know how to get it to direct to here. I'd be willing to pay in online bookstore credit if someone would walk me through how to do so (I'm fairly tech savvy but am completely stymied so far). Just drop me an email (unabridgedchick at if you feel up to the task this weekend!


  1. I can't help with the tech question -- I need help with the very basic issues, lol.

    I see that you are reading Poison Penmanship. I have never read anything by Mitford...need to rectify that I think. I'll look forward to your thoughts on your Fri reads. Hope this week is less hectic for you.

  2. in your settings, go to basic and change your blog address under "publishing." good luck!

  3. I'm a Wordpress user and so am useless with your tech question -- I hope Marie was able to help! I'm excited to hear about A Man of Parts, as I read Lodge's Author, Author about Henry James and really enjoyed it.

    This weekend I'm trying to wrap up my review commitments, which at this moment means I am enjoying Another Bad Dog Book by Joni B. Cole. It's fun so far! Though I'm visiting my parents, which means I rarely actually get any reading done :-)

  4. Audra - Did you figure it out? If you are using Blogger, it isn't that difficult. Good luck! And congratulations on your custom URL! It's the little things.