Friday Reads, and I'm dragging my feet...

Honestly, this has felt like the world's longest week. Work has been exhausting, and I've been staying up all night reading which is fun at the time but makes me a sad beast in the morning. You'd think I'd learn, but alas, I do it again each night.

FridayReads: I'm still reading Lisey's Story (dragging it out because I'm so reluctant to finish it!), but I started Stephanie Dray's Roman/Egyptian historical novel Song of the Nile, which is the sequel to Lily of the Nile (which I loved).  I've been racing through but totally reluctant to finish it, too -- I don't want to leave Selene! (And, of course, wait for the next book!)

Ever have this problem?  You're loving a book so much you don't want to finish it?  What are you reading today (and this weekend)?


  1. Oh my gosh, I know exactly what you mean! Sometimes I don't even want to start the book because I know I will end up feeling like that again, lol. I just need to forget the books quicker so I can reread them =o)

  2. When this happens to me, I deliberately try to read slowly, sometimes reading some sentences two or three times just to savor the book for as long as possible. I just had this experience with a book I was reading called The Healing. Fantastic and utterly compelling read. I am reading Warm Bodies for Halloween, and then it's back to my Phillipa Gregory which I so rudely set aside for something scary!

  3. I was on a roll at the beginning of the week, but slowed way down at the end of the week in terms of reading...just finished a poetry collection by Emma Ramos...Three Women: A Poetic Triptych and Selected Poems. I still have to finish Join the Lost and IT for next week...ARGH

  4. @Svea: Yes -- I've definitely put off books I want to read for that exact reason!

    @Heather: I'm definitely lingering -- Dray's novel is powerfully sad and, well, just powerful, so lingering is hard -- I want to rush through to get to the main characters victory.

    @Serena: Can't wait to see your thoughts on Join the Lost -- haven't started it yet. I hate the feeling of slowing down when it comes to reading -- so depressing!

  5. I totally will drag out the last 100 pages if I love a book. Or worse, as soon as I finish, I will REREAD the last 100 pages!

  6. I know what you mean about staying up late to read and not doing well the next day. So often the next morning I'll feel like it totally wasn't worth it but I keep doing it again and again!

  7. I have not read the third book in the Stieg Larsson trilogy nor the Hunger Games trilogy for this very reason...I know it's over funny, isn't it? :)


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