Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Reads, and I'm in love...

I'm still working on my blog post about our Shirley Jackson pilgrimage (needless to say, I've got a metric ton of photos I'm matching up to passages from Jackson's writing, because I'm a nerd like that), and this morning my lovely wife sprang on me another road trip!!

Tuesday is our third wedding anniversary, and we always spend at least a day in Salem, which is what we did the day before our wedding. This time, however, my wife recalled my swooning over The American Heiress and so surprised me this morning by announcing we're starting our trip in Newport, RI with tours of the five mansions there! Then we're going to Providence for WaterFire, in which bonfires are lit on the rivers that wind through Providence. There's performance art, music, and other awesomeness. I can't wait! Then we're driving along to coast to Salem to visit our usual haunts, have lunch, and enjoy the ocean before heading home. Best anniversary road trip ever!  (Love you, sweetheart!)

My FridayReads (and weekend read) is Lionheart by Sharon Kay Penman (although I'm tempted to bring along The American Heiress for kicks!).  What are you reading this Friday, and for those of you in the States (with Monday off), any plans for the long weekend?


  1. Happy anniversary! Sounds like you'll have a wonderful time.

  2. The mansion trip sounds very cool! Happy anniversary!

  3. Happy anniversary! Your trip sounds fantastic, and it reminds me of what I miss most about living in the northeast --so much is so close by. I don't have a three day weekend this weekend, but I do next weekend (hello, Fall Break!)

  4. Your trip sounds fabulous, and 'Happy Anniversary!' to both of you! Visiting the mansions and seeing Waterfire sounds perfectly delightful!

    As far as my reading, I am still plowing along in Robert Fitzgerald's translation of The Iliad. I've been reading Christopher Logue's brilliant poetic interpretations of The Iliad as companion pieces too. Have a great weekend! Cheers! Chris

  5. Happy Anniversary! Your trip sounds fantastic! I hope that you enjoy Lionheart as well. It was a very dense book, but so interesting!

    I am reading Alice Bliss right now and it's tugging at my heartstrings. Such a tender and thoughtful read.

  6. Happy early anniversary!!!! :D
    Have fun

  7. Happy Anniversary!! What a fantastic trip! I hope you have agreat time!
    I also hope you take many, many photos :o)

  8. All: Thank you for the well wishes -- I appreciate it! I'm super excited for this trip!

    @Carrie: My in-laws think we're a bit ambitious on our weekend trips, but that's what I love about my wife -- she's got a sense of adventure about impromptu pilgrimages!

    @Christopher: I adored Logue's War Music when I read it -- gah, nearly a decade ago? Is that possible? Maybe less. Regardless, brilliant. It's one of those books I really ought to own.

    @Heather: I've heard a lot of buzz about Alice Bliss -- can't wait for your review.

  9. Happy Anniversary! Have a great trip.

    I'm reading Lionheart at the moment, too.

    It's also a long weekend here in Canada since Monday is Canadian Thanksgiving :-)

  10. Happy Anniversary and have a great trip. Enjoy your reads