Road Trip with Shirley Jackson

My wife is a huuuuuuge Shirley Jackson fan, and we both love any excuse for a road trip, so we're heading to Bennington, VT for the weekend on our own literary pilgrimage. Based on the weather, this is what is crucial to pack:

It promises to rain non-stop over the weekend. Oh, well! We pulled out all the bios we had on Shirley Jackson to make a map of spots we want to hit, and of course, we packed The Lottery to read once we're in Bennington (allegedly in the inspiration for the town in that short story). If we stumble across anything awesome, I'll be sure to share!

Any bookish related plans this weekend?

Books featured in the photo: Private Demons: The Life of Shirley Jackson by Judy Oppenheimer; The Lottery: And Other Stories by Shirley Jackson; and Life Among the Savages / Raising Demons by Shirley Jackson.


  1. I hope the rain doesn't interfere too much with your enjoyment! Shirley Jackson was such an interesting woman. Hope you stumble on something awesome!

  2. I wonder how it feels to be the town that inspired that story....

  3. What a neat and inventive idea! I hope that you two have a great time and bring back lots of pictures and observations to share with us!

  4. I want those boots :D

    Bookish plans? No, not really, except for reading ,>)

  5. I love your sense of adventure and spontaneity! Shirley Jackson is definitely worth road-tripping to get to know better. Have a terrific time, hope the rain isn't too bad (love your Wellies!) and, if nothing else, you've got some great books to read in a cool town!

  6. Those books looks so cool. have a great time.

  7. I just really like that picture. Nice. ;) I've only read Haunting of Hill House and We Have Always Lived in the Castle, but I approve any authorial (if you will) road trip.

  8. I love that you and your wife are both so enamored with Shirley Jackson that you'd plan a little roadtrip around her! My husband likes to read, but literary trips are definitely my prerogative!

  9. @All: It was an AMAZING trip -- I'm going to do a post with pictures. It was such fun!


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