Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday Reads and I'm making a list...

Vacation, finally! Or, in a few hours: I'm off this afternoon and then my whirlwind weekend begins. My wife's family celebrates Christmas, so we'll be spending some time with them, and in between that, I'm cleaning house and washing laundry in anticipation of our winter vacation! And because I can't stop myself, and since I had such fun with my top ten reads of 2011, I'm making a list of my favorite author interviews of 2011, too (plus, there are some interviews that still make me smile! Why keep that to myself?).

Despite the craziness, or because of, I'm still curling up with a book this weekend. My FridayReads is Island of Wings by Karin Altenberg which has this cold moody thing that doesn't quite match Boston right now (again, we're back in the 60s -- what's up, Mother Nature?!). Still, it has this moody ambiance which reminds me a bit of San Francisco (fog, mostly, but whatever), and since I'm heading to the Bay Area in a few days, it felt vaguely appropriate!

What are you reading this weekend? For those of you who celebrate winter holidays, blessings and happy wishes to you and yours!


  1. I am reading All the Flowers in Shanghai, and then I am not sure! I am thinking that I might get started with The Rebel Wife, as I have been super anxious to start with that one!

    Happy Holidays to you and your family!

  2. @Heather: Can't wait to see what you think of both -- I haven't heard of The Rebel Wife but I just looked it up on GoodReads and it sounds fascinating!

  3. Audra, I wanted to stop by to wish you a wonderful Holiday; hope it means special time with family and friends.

  4. I can't wait to see your list! Wishing you a fun-filled vacation, and a 2012 filled with books, fun, and friendship!

  5. Audra, Have a wonderful weekend and a terrific winter vacation! I hope you get to rest and relax and enjoy some good books!