Monday, December 26, 2011

Hitting the road once more!

by Kerne Erickson
Happy winter holidays, for those who celebrate! Today my wife and I are off on two week holiday on the west coast! We'll be visiting my brother and his wife, my darling niece and my brand new nephew! (Baby squishing, here I come!) We'll also be road-tripping along the Pacific Coast Highway, from San Francisco to Los Angeles, and everything in between. As always, food and literature will be the cornerstone of our trip, from Hammett to Chandler to Steinbeck to Twain (I got a tip that Twain had a cabin out that part of the world!).

Our tentative reading/audiobook list includes:

The Imaginary Emperor: A Tale of Old San Francisco by Steve Bartholomew
The Black Dahlia by James Ellroy
The Maltese Falcon by Dashiell Hammett (audiobook/performance with Michael Madsen and Sandra Oh, yum!)
Nightmare Town: Stories by Dashiell Hammett
The Colorado Kid by Stephen King (my wife is getting bold since I so enjoyed Lisey's Story!)
Selected Readings from the Portable Dorothy Parker by Dorothy Parker
Cannery Row by John Steinbeck

I apologize now for not blog-visiting during these two weeks. I'm hoping to do some updating while on the road and share my geek girl squee-age (check out my Twitter for the 'live' coverage). I've scheduled my 2012 reading challenge posts for this week, so sorry about that spam. Real content to recommence when I return (plus, pic spam, I'm sure). I get email via my phone so do comment here and let me know how your holidays went and what plans you have, if any, for the New Year. (Gloating about book gifts received and lazy reading days encouraged!)

Happy New Year's, friends!


  1. Happy New Year, Audra! We had a lovely holiday here. You know all Holiday Hades has broken lose when the grandparents send a SodaStream and the kids are drinking root beer with breakfast! :) Have a lovely vacation, and enjoy your audio reading.

  2. Ah! The Pacific Coast...enjoy your time with your loved ones!! Sounds wonderful to just get in the car and drive...and listen to books :)
    Safe travels!

  3. @Col: hilarious! We adore our SodaStream - have fun with it!

    @Peppermint: I'm so excited for our trip - can't wait! Thank you!

  4. @Col: hilarious! We adore our SodaStream - have fun with it!

    @Peppermint: I'm so excited for our trip - can't wait! Thank you!

  5. Happy Holidays to you, you traveling nut you! I hope you have an amazing time squishing that baby, and spoiling it too! I also hope that you get a lot of time to read and listen to the books that you brought with you. The holidays are a lovely time for just relaxing with some good books!

  6. @Heather: I'm getting a lot of reading done as we're facing a two-hour delay! Le sigh. Good thing I've got a good book. Thanks so much for the lovely wishes!

  7. Enjoy your time away. Happy holidays!!

  8. Have a wonderful vacation! I'm considering a similar trip this summer (I have a conference in Anaheim in June, so why not drive up the coast while I'm there?), so I'll be eager to hear about your adventures when you're back. Safe and happy travels!