Sunday, January 1, 2012

Summary of 2011 Reading Challenges

This was my first year really committing to reading challenges, and I discovered, as with so much else in my life, my eyes are bigger than my belly.  Or in this case, my aspirations are greater than my time.  Despite the breakneck reading I did this year, I didn't focus much on hitting my reading challenge goals, which means I only completed six of my sixteen 2011 reading challenges.  Oops!  I'm scaling back for 2012.  Here's the quick-and-dirty of how I did for 2011:

British Books (12 books)
Success! Read 20 books.

Criminal Plots (6 books)
Failed! Missed by two.

Eastern European (4 books)
Failed! Only read two of four. Additionally, I've sorted of started hating on this challenge because 'map of Eastern Europe' has become, like, my second biggest source of traffic to this blog. Boo.

E-books (12 books)
Success! Read 12, which surprised me, as I thought for sure I'd double that. I guess I don't use my e-reader as much as I thought! (Shh, don't tell my wife that.)

Europa Editions (4 books)
Total fail! Only read one this year, which I didn't review. Oops!

Fearless Poetry (1 book)
Success! One book read, whew.

Femme Fatale (12 books)
Spectacular fail! Only managed two. Sadness.

Georgette Heyer (3 books)
Another enormous fail! Managed zero.

Heroine's Bookshelf (3 books)
And yet another fail.

Historical Fiction (20 books)
SUCCESS! This was a biggie: 42 books read!

Nautical Fiction (5 books)
Hu-u-u-u-ge fail, which is made worse since this is a challenge I hosted! Oops.

Outdo Yourself (40 books)
Gigantic enormous success of epic proportions -- 110 books read.  Hooray!

Paris: The Luminous Years (6 books)
Le fail.

R.eaders I.mbibing P.eril VI (4 books)
Semi-success: I read three books, but reviewed one about two months after the end of the challenge.  Totally want to do this one again, though!

South Asian (5 books)
Success!  Read six books.  Loved this focus on a region I don't normally center on, and I really enjoyed the perspectives I read.  Tempted to do this one again!

Victorian Literature (4 books)
Technically, a fail as I only read one book -- but howdy, did I love that one book.  


  1. Wow, you were involved in a lot of interesting challenges. Hope 2012 is a wonderful year for you.

  2. I always sign up for at least a half dozen challenges and I only usually manage to finish a few of them - but I don't put pressure on myself to actually tailor my reading to them, I just like to see how they fall together! Best luck in 2012.

  3. "Le fail?" Audra, that made me laugh out loud. Glad you had such a productive reading year. Looking forward to your insights in 2012!

  4. Congrats on finishing the Poetry challenge! Woohoo! I love the South Asian Challenge, and I'll likely do it again.

  5. You did great on your challenges! Like me, you were an overachiever in the historical fiction genre. ;)

  6. I wrote a big long comment to this yesterday morning and my phone wouldn't let me send it. So, let me just say that you did way better than me on reading challenges. And at least you know what you need to stick to next year. I should really do that South Asian reading challenge because I never, never, never read books from that side of the world (like it's a plague or something....what am I thinking). In other words, recommend some for me lady!