Saturday, January 28, 2012

A to Z Reading Challenge

Strawberry Splash ReviewsI failed the A to Z Reading Challenge spectacularly last year but I've decided to try again -- and I'm going to be really strategic about my reading to make this thing happen. After back-and-forthing about whether to do author or title, I've finally decided to do it by author. I hope I'm not making a terrible mistake!

A: Ellis Avery, The Last Nude
B: Anne Clinard Barnhill, At the Mercy of the Queen
C: Jetta Carleton, Clair de Lune
D: Jennifer duBois, A Partial History of Lost Causes
E: Tan Twang Eng, The Garden of Evening Mists
F: Sara Foster, Beneath the Shadows
G: Nicole Galland, I, Iago
H: Bruce Holbert, Lonesome Animals
I: Lora Innes, The Dreamer, Vol. 1
J: Suzanne Joinson, A Lady Cyclist's Guide to Kashgar
K: Sheila Kohler, The Bay of Foxes
L: Peter Leonard, All He Saw Was the Girl
M: Doug Magee, Darkness All Around
N: Rachel Neumeier, House of Shadows
O: Maryanne O'Hara, Cascade


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  2. I am working on this challenge also. So far so good but it looks like I will have to search and buy a book for the letter "X"!!!

    Carol Wong

    1. Carol -- I know, that pesky 'X' will e the end of me!

  3. And a stellar beginning it is indeed! Gettin' A just right out of the way. Good show.

    1. I pretty much pick my challenges based on whether I've gotten any headway... 'B' is in the bag, too, once I review it. Hooray for victory!

  4. I love this challenge! I makes me more adventorous! I have been trying different genres and I sneaked in one that I have wanted to read for such a long time.