Sunday, June 10, 2012


My weekend has been super hectic as my wife and I are doing some major home improvements. I've begged off painting for a break, citing the crucial need to share giveaway winners, so thanks to all of you for giving me an excuse to sit down! ;) So I'm not lying to my wife, I'm going to share giveaway winners for this week.

The winner of Perla is ... Laura Kay!

The winner of Lonesome Animals is ... Megan!

The winners have been emailed. If you didn't win, check out my open giveaways. More are coming!


  1. How odd that I opened up my Google Reader just moments after this posted, and I was like..."ME Megan?" And then I opened up my e-mail, and sure enough. I'm looking foward to reading Lonesome Animals - thanks!! =D

    1. HA and hooray! I'm always nervous about posting first names only lest I create any highs-and-lows so I'm thrilled you didn't get disappointed! Can't wait to hear your thoughts when you get around to reading LA!

  2. Congratulations Laura and Megan!!