Friday Reads and feeling frazzled...

It's been a hectic week between work, personal life, and just...the rest of life.  I'm wicked over tired and kind of cranky -- looking forward to a very quiet few days ahead of me!

As always, I'm juggling a bunch of reads for the weekend. Even though I have an enormous review queue, I'm reading Debt: The First 5,000 Years by David Graeber and it is amazing. I read three excerpts from that convinced me: 'debt and religion', 'please and thank you', and 'a slave not opposed to slavery'. The whole book is like this: readable, fascinating, kind of rage-inducing, jaw-dropping, and trivia-filled. (Also, how perfect is the cover?!)

I'm also reading Oleanna by Julie K. Rose, a lovely historical novel set in early 1900s Norway. The writing is wonderful and setting unique. I can't wait for lunch so I can jump back in!

What are you reading this weekend?


  1. Enjoy your books...not sure what I'll be reading other than The Color of Tea

    1. Oooh, can't wait for your review. Been curious about that one.

  2. I am cranky too.

    I plan to read two books for a book tour this weekend (12-21 and So L.A.).

    12-21 is a doomsday book. Love those. Perfect for my cranky mood.

    So L.A. is all about L.A which could be great or lousy since I live here. LOL.

    1. I was sooo intrigued by So L.A. (my wife and I have a pie-in-the-sky dream of moving to LA!) -- I hope it's as good as I want it to be!

      I adore doomsday books -- let me know if it's is awesome as I might have to grab it.

      Hope the cranky passes.

  3. Ahhhh! I keep forgetting about Debt, but every time I see it I want to read it. Adding to my goodreads list NOW before I forget again!

    1. Add it, add it -- it is SO amazing. Honestly -- mind.blown. with every sentence!


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