2012 Reading Challenges summary

My 2012 Reading Challenges goals were kind of a big bust!  Of seventeen challenges I committed to, I only succeed in five of them!  Eeek!  Of course, has that stopped me from considering a badrillion more in 2013? NOPE.

A-to-Z (26 books) : Only made it to 'O' and I have at least one letter with an outstanding review. Ooops!

Bloomsday Readathon : Fail!  (I got the book, but didn't open it.)

Books in Translation (3 books) : Fail! Only read 1.

Clarissa Group Read : Fail! (Didn't even get the book! :/)

Dewey Decimal Challenge (5 books) : Victory!  Read 12.

E-books (25 books) : Victory! Read 29.

Edgar Awards (3 books) : Super epic fail. ZERO.

Europa Editions (2 books) : Super epic fail. ZERO.

Fearless Poetry (1 book) : Super epic fail. Zero.

Forever Amber Readalong : Fail! Bought the book though!

Gothic Fiction in October : Super epic fail.

Historical Fiction (20 books) : Super epic VICTORY!  Read 63!  Beat out last year's best, too!

Immigrant Stories (3 books) : Victory! Read 15.

NetGalley (10 books) : Victory! Read 20.

RIP VII (4 books) : Fail. ZERO.

Victorian Challenge (2 books) : Victory.  Read 5.

Witches and Witchcraft (5 books) : Fail.  Read 3.


  1. I'm impressed that you signed up for so many challenges! I signed up for two, participated for a couple of months, then promptly forgot about them. Thus I think I won't sign up for any for 2013!

  2. I saw 6 victories! That's better than my record with challenges.

  3. I haven't looked at my numbers yet...trying to put that off for as long as possible :p

  4. Hahaha, that's hilarious! I love it. This is why I don't assign myself specific challenges, so I can just be like:
    I read these things: VICTORY!

  5. awww :-) are you going to give Europa another try in 2013? I hope so!

  6. 8 challenges in which you didn't read one, versus 9 that you at least attempted and read something for is pretty good for the large number of challenges you joined. Congrats! I posted my wrap-up today and the poetry 2013 challenge for 2013 yesterday.

    Hope you have a great end of year!

  7. I gave up on formally signing up for reading challenges because I could never accomplish them (or then those weren't actually a challenge!), so I think you did great:-)

  8. Some of these challenges sound like fun!! I am signed up for the Immigrant one already...that AtoZ sounds good...but the link back to the creator doesn't seem to work...are you doing that one again this year?

    1. Krystyn -- I was going to but also saw that the creator's webpage doesn't work so I guess not! :/


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