Mailbox Monday, Feb 11

So, East Coasters, how did you survive 'Nemo'? (I'm reluctant to name snow storms and I'm not bought in on this trend). We got a few feet, mostly due to drifting, and we're still digging out. Work on Monday will be a bit up in the air! (However, I got mail up through Friday and it was another amazing week, hooray!)

Delighted to once more be hosting Mailbox Monday in February.

What did you get this week? If you've got a blog, link to your post in the linky below. No blog? Feel free to get your brag on in the comments!

Mailbox Monday


  1. I, for one, think it's a great injustice our favorite little clown fish.

  2. My mailbox was swamped this week despite the snow storm!

  3. I only got one book in the actual mailbox...a relief, since my stacks are growing again! And then I downloaded an e-book.

  4. I had a really big week. A library visit, a gift( loan) from a friend, and some really good deals on 3 ebooks. Yahoo!!!
    We are having such a mild winter, 3 inches of snow were predicted here, but only a "skiff" was received. My snow shoveling DH is very glad.

  5. I had an OK week in books, but only rain snow, but my parents took 5 hours to dig out from under the 3+ feet of snow. Fun times...not really.

  6. Glad to hear you had an amazing week despite the snow storm! Thanks for hosting MM this month.

  7. It's just been plain hot here this week, so I'm kinda envious of the cold weather, but that sounds like a LOT of snow!

  8. Yeah, I'm about sick and tired of the Northeast acting like they have the market cornered on bad weather--i.e. with "Superstorm Sandy" and this new "Nemo" business. It used to be that the Northeast just expected a few hum-dingers during the winter. Just part of life. Do you think it's a change in expectations, or more about the media playing up the hype for the sake of ratings?



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