Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Teaser Tuesday, March 5

So I needed to have a review done, and couldn't get it together last night or this morning. I thought about tackling the Top Ten meme this week, but got overwhelmed. I couldn't even pin down a quote to use for Teaser Tuesday!

So here's what I really want to be doing: reading and sipping my coffee.  Le sigh.

Actually, I can motivate myself to pick a teaser.  Here, try this.  From Fresh Mint With Lemon by Monika Zgustová, this bit is straight from the book's opening and is what hooked me.  There's a woman at a cafe, and Vadim, our hero (I think), has just noticed her.
When the waiter helped her put on her coat, Vadim was taken by surprise: How was it that such a great lady didn't float off toward the exit bundled up in an ermine coat, or a beaver coat for that matter?  How come she didn't have a smooth, shiny fur coat with a hood, the type most Russian women would like to have in their closet?  How come she had wrapped herself in a common, cheap flannel coat, and, with a quick movement, had covered her head with a black beret?

What do you think? Got any teasers to share?


  1. No teasers but I sat my butt down this morning and manged to eek out one review for tomorrow. I am reading but the writing mojo has left the building!

  2. This quote would make me want to read the book, that's for sure. I also love the title!

  3. That's a great teaser, thank you for sharing! Here's my TT post!

  4. Hope your motivation returns, it's no fun when there's none. I like the extract, it's nicely written, though there are a lot of questions. I'm guessing it works in context however.