Saturday, April 13, 2013

Literary Wives

Earlier this year I was invited to be part of a blog group book club (of sorts) of bloggers who were wives who wanted to read and discuss books about wives.  And while I'm a lot more than just a spouse, being my wife's wife is a huge part of who I am and my identity, and I just loved this frame for reading.

We'll be focusing in particular on two questions as we read:

1. What does this book say about wives or about the experience of being a wife?

2. In what way does this woman define “wife”—or in what way is she defined by “wife”?

If you're intrigued, consider reading along with us and chime in!

We'll be discussing these books during the coming months (the plan is to read the previous month and have a review posted the first of the scheduled month):
Fall titles to come soon -- if you can think of books with 'wife' in the title, share in the comments!

Most excitingly, I'll be joining these fabulous bloggers:

Angela of Persephone Writes and One Tiny Violet

Angela is a a composition and literature teacher, editor, writer, voracious reader, home schooling mom and recovering academic (said only half-jokingly) who has never truly given herself permission to live her life's dream of writing. Until now.

Ariel of One Little Library * Facebook * Twitter

Ariel is an editor who will soon be trading her freelancing days for the life of an in-house editorial assistant at Corwin Press. A literature enthusiast, she likes heroines full of gumption and conflicts fraught with ethical dilemmas. Her favorite book is and always will be Jane Eyre.

Emily of The Bookshelf of Emily J. * Facebook

Emily is a Ph.D. student studying professional communication who has worked as an editor and a composition instructor. She is the mother of two little girls and loves chocolate and ice cream. The thing she wants most right now is a day in bed with a good book, preferably fiction.


  1. The 19th Wife
    The Soldier's Wife
    The Lost Wife

    Have fun!

    1. Love these, thanks! I hope you read along for The Reliable Wife!

  2. The Time Traveler's Wife
    Wife 22
    The Unwanted Wife
    The Shoemaker's Wife

  3. I've read two of them and found them very good. Will be following you on this one.

  4. 3 of these 4 are sitting on my TBR shelf calling my name...I'm reading along with ya'll! :)

  5. Sounds like you have a lot go good reading ahead of you. I'll be interested in reading how you find these books fit into those questions.

  6. Thanks for the gracious introduction, Audra. I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts on all of these books! :)

  7. What a great idea for a book club. I've read a couple of these and will be looking forward to hearing what your clubs thoughts are on them.

  8. What a fun project! I'm thrilled you're starting with American Wife--it's my all-time favorite book! And all of those are on my TBR. I'll look forward to your reviews!