Friday, May 24, 2013

Weekend reads and I'm feeling ambitious...

I have a four day weekend ahead of me and I plan to read like a reading thing.

The proof of my ambition is here: I've got seven books in my queue to try this weekend.  (Perhaps not try and finish, but at least have a go.  I'm hoping to finish a few!)

Mette Ivie Harrison, The Rose Throne
C.C. Humphreys, Jack Absolute
Paula McLain, The Paris Wife
Adolfo García Ortega, Desolation Island
Katey Schultz, Flashes of War
Anthony C. Winkler, The Family Mansion
Felicity Young, Antidote to Murder

Happily, I'll be spending the weekend with a friend (a kind of staycation, from one suburb to another!) who is as much a reader as I; I anticipate she, I, and my wife will spend a good deal of time on the back porch in companionable silence reading, interrupted only by cooking. It will be a delicious weekend (no pun intended!)

What are you reading this weekend?


  1. Enjoy your reading binge! Sounds like heaven.

  2. That sounds like a fantastic way to spend a holiday weekend!

  3. Enjoy your four days of reading. That sounds amazing! Hope at least one of those picks is a winner too:-)

  4. The long weekend begs for special reading but I am stillllll trying to get Constellation of Vital Phenomena read. It's not the book. It's totally me as I have been battling health issues and it's depressed the hell out of me. I actually have to go to the doctor tomorrow which sucks!

    I want to be reading something really juicy. A real page turner but I gotta get through this book first as the tour is Tuesday!

  5. Food and books...ahhhh, sounds fantastic to me! Have a great weekend :)

  6. I plan to spend my holiday weekend doing the exact same! I'm hoping to get through a minimum of 2... you're ambitious. :) Good luck!
    Bonnie @ Sweet Tidbits

  7. Sounds like a great weekend!

  8. I hope you have a lovely weekend, it sounds like it will be! I've had The Paris Wife on my shelf for some time now but I'm definitely saving it up for a relaxing weekend.

  9. Sounds sublime to me... Look forward to hearing what you think of Antidote to Murder. Enjoy!

  10. I reviewed Felicity Young's The Anatomy of Murder for the HNS. You will have to let us know if the sequel is just as fine.