Friday, June 7, 2013

Historical Novel Society 2013 Conference Panelist: Meet Marci Jefferson

I'm thrilled to share another interview with a panelist for the Historical Novel Society's upcoming conference. Like me, Marci Jefferson is an Air Force brat.  Her book Girl on the Golden Coin, a Novel of Frances Stuart will be released in 2014. Learn more about her by checking out her speaker bio here.

What got you first interested in historical fiction?

As a nurse focused on a career in administration, I'd neglected my love of reading for a few years. It wasn't until I was on pregnancy leave that I read The Other Boleyn Girl and decided I had to write historical fiction myself.

How do you find the people and topics of your books?

I first learned about the Royal Stuarts years ago during a trip to London. Atop a red double decker bus, someone pointed out the Banqueting House saying, "That's where Charles the First was beheaded." I thought kings did the head-chopping, not the other way around! I proceeded to study everything about the Stuarts they failed to teach me in nursing school.

Is there an era/area that is your favorite to write about? How about to read?

I absolutely love everything about Restoration Period England. After the Civil Wars and the restrictive Puritan Commonwealth, the Restoration of Monarchy was a time of celebration and hope. King Charles II brought the beauty and culture of Europe back to England. Common people recognized the hand they'd had in events, and began to develop a sense of civil rights. Dramatic events like the Anglo Dutch Wars, the Great Fire, and the Great Plague make for rich reading!

Can you tell us about your latest publication?

My debut novel, based on the life of Frances Stuart, will be released from Thomas Dunne Books of St. Martin's Press early 2014. She rejected three kings and graced England's coins as the model of Britannia. The title is to be announced!

Is there a writer, living or deceased, you would like to meet?

Because of HNS conferences I've already met many of my favorite authors. But I'd flip my lid for an opportunity to chat with Tracy Chevalier! An important character in my debut novel is a Quaker, similar to the man character in her latest release, The Last Runaway.

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Learn more about Marci Jefferson at her website, and be sure to follow her on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. Holy cow, she's gorgeous and smart too!

  2. A huge thank you to the fabulous Unabridged Chick for the honor of this post! I can't wait to meet the many new faces at HNS in St. Pete and reunite with old friends! And Bermudaonion, *blush* thank you!!

  3. Lovely interview Marci! GIRL ON THE GOLDEN COIN is going to be a smash hit - I loved it and I know everyone else will too!