Saturday, June 1, 2013

Mailbox Monday, June 3

I've had a migraine I can't shake so no beach today. I stayed in bed mostly. I'm completely off schedule once more, so doing my Mailbox Monday post today. (Cool interview tomorrow!) In June, Mailbox Monday is hosted by Bellezza at Dolce Bellezza (a favorite blog of mine!).

For Review


Won thanks to vvb32reads


For my wife, not me, who says Bartleby's 'catch phrase' any time she's surly. 
 (I also bought her the tote bag and t-shirt.)


  1. I'm very curious about the Ishikawa. I've seen it floating around quite a bit recently and I'm hoping to read it at some point.

    I received The Wife, The Maid, and the Mistress in the mail as well. :) It sounds very interesting.

    You have so much bookish goodness coming up. Book of Ages sounds incredible!

    1. Whoops, forgot to wish you a headache free day tomorrow :)

  2. What an incredible pile! The only one I have is The Firebird as Kearsley came to our local library. Of course it was during Open House so I couldn't go. Thanks for the compliment; your blog is one of my favorites, too. Hoping that headache is gone by now!

  3. As usual I am in awe at your mailbox. So many many good books here. Enjoy them all and hope the headache has gone!

  4. I'm always super jealous of your weekly book hauls, and this week is no exception. What a great set of books you received! I'm looking forward to your reviews of each and every one of them.

  5. Wow, awesome haul! Doesn't The Bone Season look great?! Have lots of fun reading :)

  6. Gorgeous books! I'm eager to read The Bone Season, and I hope you enjoy all your new reads :)

  7. So many books! Enjoy! I hope your migraine is gone!

  8. Wow...nice mailbox. ENJOY!! They all look quite good.

    I loved SEVEN LOCKS...hopefully you will too.

    I didn't post a Mailbox Monday this week. I am not home yet. Will be heading home tomorrow from the BEA. I am just checking out everyone's mailboxes. :)

    I do have a review of THE TIME BETWEEN by Karen White posted this morning.

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  9. At first I thought that title was Big Eggs. Also, another Browne book? WANT.

    Banquet of Lies: Her boobs are a banquet of lies. Does that mean they're fake?

    Royal Inheritance: You'd think they could afford a prettier dress then.

    The Firebird: Love Kearsley covers.

    A Treacherous Paradise: Napkin head!

    Lungs Full of Noise: CAW

    The Pretty One: Not anymore. HAHA BITCH.

  10. A great list of reads, I wouldn't know where to start.

  11. Hild is waiting for me on my Nook and The Illusion of Separateness on my stacks. Cannot wait!

  12. Some of those covers are just gorgeous! Enjoy!

  13. I can't wait to see what you think of the Van Booy book. Happy reading!