Sunday, July 7, 2013

Mailbox Monday, July 8

Mailbox Monday is hosted in July at Tasha @ Book Obsessed and itt feels like forever since I've done a Mailbox Monday post! (It's just been a month.)

Since that time, I've gotten a boatload of awesome new arrivals, some of which I've already read and reviewed (!) so I'm not including them in this roundup.

To learn more about a book, click on the cover. The GoodReads page for it will open up in a new tab/window.

What did you get this month?

For Review


Thanks to Chronicle Books and Armchair BEA!

Thanks to Unbridled Books and Armchair BEA!

Thanks to Penguin


The Historical Novel Society conference in June was a source of many new books, happily!

  We got a swag bag!

I DNF'd this in 2011 but after seeing Stella Duffy speak at the HNS conference, I was so enamored of her, I raced out to buy this and try again. 

Bought this one at the HNS conference after seeing the author, Kamran Pasha, speak on a panel about depicting religion in historical novels. I had insta!fangirl crush on him, and even though my wife wants to murder me for purchasing books, I had to.

After gushing to Kate Quinn, she later asked me if I'd take this ARC of her forthcoming book as a 'favor' to her, so she wouldn't have to lug it home. My reply is obvious.

I had posted a Q&A with Sharman Ramsey ahead of the conference, so when I saw her at the author signing, I said 'hi' and introduced myself. In return, she gifted me with this first in her series. Very excited!


  1. Holy cats, what a giant stack of new books to read. Wheee! :D I'm curious about a bunch of those, especially Mrs. Poe.

    Happy reading!

  2. So many from your stack here that appeal to me! Such gorgeous covers. I also got The Best of Daughters. Enjoy your reading week!

  3. WOW! You always have a great mailbox, but I think this might your best one yet! I've read a couple of the books you have listed (Bride of New France, which I really liked, and Letters From Skye, which I loved). I can't wait to read your reviews for each and every one of them.


  4. Great selection! I certainly added several to my TBR pile after reading your post!

    Cynthia@The Things You Can Read

  5. Fantastic month!!!

    Mrs. Poe is one of many I want to read in your list. :)

    I have read Letters From was different. I loved The Cleaner of Chartres.

    ENJOY your books. They all look FAB.

    Silver's Reviews
    My Mailbox Monday

  6. I can always count on you, Audra, to add at least 3-4 books to my WishList :) I'm adding Mrs. Poe, The Midwife's Revolt, Bride of New France and Godiva!! Several of the others also interested me but I'll wait for your always thorough reviews before I add them to my list :)

  7. Wow what a week! Nicole Galland wrote me a guest post and she really did her research for Godiva so that should be a good one. I'm excited about Mrs. Poe too.

  8. Great haul, even for a month!! They're all new to me too!
    Here's My MM

  9. Fabulous mailbox. I don't know which one I prefer. They all look excellent.

  10. Fantastic books- wow! I've heard good things about Night Film. And Mrs. Poe also caught my eye. Enjoy and have a great week!

  11. Wow, awesome! I can't wait to read Letters From Skye. Night Film looks great too, hope it's released here soon. Enjoy!

  12. Great haul with so many beautiful covers. I added The Nine Fold Heaven (and her earlier work also) to my wishlist.

    Have a great week.

    Kathy -

  13. Woah, what a haul. So many good ones in there. I'll be reviewing Letters From Skye soon. There are so many in here, but I think I'm kicking myself about saying no to the Godiva book and I really wish I had been pitched Mrs. Poe.

  14. Some neat looking books, and the covers look great too!

  15. Some great looking titles, enjoy!

  16. Wow, fabulous books! Godiva and Mrs. Poe look especially good!

  17. So many beautiful books! I received Night Film and am intrigued considering all the hype.

  18. Amazing haul!
    I hadn't seen this cover for A Monster Calls and I really like it.
    Enjoy your new books!

  19. That's some mailbox! So many great looking books! Enjoy!

  20. A new Kate Quinn book! I will be keeping an eye out for it! You have a fabulous mailbox! I hope all the books are winners!