Saturday, July 27, 2013


The nor'easter is gone, so it's bright and sunny and hot once more.  I'm not sure if I'm thrilled, since I rather enjoyed my cozy reading day yesterday, but after doing errands and what not, I'm going to park myself in the sun like a cat and try to finish up my book.

Last week's giveaway winner already had the book, so I've redrawn that winner along with the two for this week.

The winner of The Queen's Vow is ... Laura!

The winner of Chocolates for Breakfast is ... Elizabeth B.!

The winners of The Queen's Lover are ... Anne F., Renae @ Respiring Thoughts, and Emma @ Words And Peace!

Congrats to the winners!  Be sure to check out my open giveaways (there are two international giveaways!) and check in next week as more are coming.


  1. I'm glad you survived the storm. Congratulations to the winners!

  2. thanks so much!

  3. We're back to clouds and rain this morning. A good reading day? But when it's nice out, I can sit outside to read, where it's much easier to ignore the household chores.