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Release spotlight: Stephanie Dray's Daughters of the Nile

I've been waylaid on my review for Stephanie Dray's Daughters of the Nile due to the holidays and dealing with my cat emergency (I'll be posting it on Thursday), so I'm sharing instead an excerpt from it. I adored this series but this final book killed me with the awesome, and I can't wait to squeal about it. As you make any wishlists, consider adding Dray's trilogy, especially if you like meaty historicals, kick ass heroines, lurid love affairs, gruesome magic, rich detail and exotic ambiance.  (Seriously -- this trilogy ranks among my all-time favorite, and has to be among the best historical fiction trilogies I've ever read.)  You can find the book blurb and purchasing info for Daughters of the Nile at Dray's website . Read an Excerpt Below me, six black Egyptian cobras dance on their tails, swaying. I watch their scaled hoods spread wide like the uraeus on the crown of Egypt. Even from this height, I'm paralyzed by the sight of the asps,

Winners and an update about giveaways

My apologies again for another late giveaway post -- I've just returned from my 'room of my own' out in Western Mass and I'm mourning the loss of it already! But I'm equally happy to be back at home with my wife, and I still have two more weeks of sabbatical to help me adjust back to working life. But I've 'won' NaNoWrimo with more than 60K written, and I think I'll make my goal of 90K. It's a terrible mess, but I'm learning so much! Anyway -- missed you all and grateful to be 'back' to talk books non-stop!  And here are the winners! The winner of A Divided Inheritance is ... Blodeuedd of Book Girl of Mur-y-Castell ! The winner of Banquet of Lies is ... Renae of Respiring Thoughts ! The winner of The Sixth is ... Natalie M.! The winners of Cars and Girls are ... Siobhan F., Brooklynn G., and Suzi H.! Congrats to the winners! Folks have until end of day Tuesday to get back to me. I have more giveaways coming,

Interview with Evangeline Jennings

Earlier in October, I read and luuuuuuuuuuurved the sexy/violent/awesome short story collection, Cars and Girls .  I'm super excited to share my interview with Evangeline Jennings, who edited the volume and has a story included as well.  She talks about this compilation, the next steps, and shares some about her writing process and current reads.  Be sure to check out the international giveaway! How did the collection, Cars and Girls , come about?  Did you have a theme first or the stories? Half a story, I think. We'd been talking about doing a project together without coming up with any firm ideas. Then I started writing 'Crown Victoria', and about halfway through the first draft I had a lightbulb moment, Cars and Girls . So I put the idea out there and Tee and two other writers signed up straightaway. Then later two of them bailed. But Tee and I were well advanced on our stories, so I recruited a couple of friends and pretty much demanded they write somet

The Sixth by Avery Hays

Title: The Sixth Author: Avery Hays Genre: Fiction (Historical / France / Paris / 1910s / Artists / Historical Figures Fictionalized / Political Intrigue / Secret Organizations) Publisher/Publication Date : Diadema Press (10/31/2013) Source: NetGalley / the publisher Rating: Okay to liked. Did I finish?: I did! One-sentence summary: In 1910, Florbela Sarmentos, a Portuguese expat with a classical training in painting, moves to Paris' infamous sixth arrondissement where she finds love, scandal, political intrigue, murder, friendship, and mayhem. Reading Challenges: Historical Fiction , Immigrant Stories Do I like the cover?: Adore it -- captures the feel of the story -- if it were a print, I'd want it in my house! I'm reminded of...: Donna Russo Morin, Kate Mosse First line : On the fifth of April in the spring of my twenty-first year, all the world was turning nervous eyes toward my native Portugal, gazing aghast as she teetered giddily between th


My apologies for the delay in contacting winners! Without further ado... The winner of The Arrangement is ... Libby D. ! The winner of Thread of Gold Beads is ... Susan T. ! The winner of A Wilder Rose is ... Shannon of River City Reading ! The winner of Illuminations is ... Manda D. ! Congrats to the winners! Folks have been emailed and have until next Friday to respond.

Weekend reads and writing wildly...

I would have sworn it's been more than a week since I last posted here, but a week it is.  It's been a pretty incredible week -- got settled at my retreat center and have had some pretty productive writing time (and one super unproductive procrastination-heavy day!).  It's kind of amazing to have this much time to just write -- and very daunting.  It's amazing how many excuses I can come up with to not write, even when I'm not at home or facing any sort of chores or work. Are any of you NaNo-ing?  I'm participating and would love to be writing buddies with any of you! I'm not reading as much as I had hoped -- I'm actually pretty exhausted when I got to bed -- so am still finishing Avery Hays' The Sixth , Jodi Daynard's The Midwife's Revolt , Nicola Griffith's Hild , and Anna Lee Huber's Mortal Arts . I promise I'll post giveaway winners tomorrow! So, what are you reading this weekend?  And if you're NaNo-ing, what is