Monday, December 30, 2013


While my Christmas was lovely, my wife and I were gifted with nasty colds that we can't shake.  We're both home and dragging ourselves around the house like, well, pathetic sick things!  Anyway...

The winner of Woman of Ill Fame is ... Meg @ A Bookish Affair!

Congrats! I don't have any open giveaways at the moment, but there are many more planned with the start of 2014.

Hope all of you have had lovely holidays, if you celebrate, and have safe and joyful New Year's celebrations! I'm grateful for all of you!  I'm sorry I've fallen behind on commenting on blogs, but I expect to catch up once I shake this cold.  

(And, on January 3, it'll be my fifth blogiversary!!  I'm going to try to do something awesome!)


  1. I got all excited for a minute, seeing "Winner" in my email inbox... Congratulations to Meg and to you on your upcoming blogiversary!

    1. Oh, Laurie, I'm sorry -- I hadn't thought of that when I composed the subject line of this post -- how very mean of me! Hope you're doing well otherwise!

    2. That's fine! I'm actually less book to read! lol

  2. CONGRATS, Meg.

    Happy New Year everyone.

    International giveaway on my blog on January 2. Hope you can stop by.

    Leaving a link to a post on my blog so you can find me on January 2. :)

    Silver's Reviews
    My It's Monday, What Are You Reading

  3. Happy, happy New Year, Audra. I am woefully behind myself, but I did want to check in and say how much I enjoy reading your insights into books. I hope you are still up for a some kind of joint event around the Classics Club! Best to you and your wife!