Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Facebook Party for Stephanie Dray's Daughters of the Nile

In December I read the final book in Stephanie Dray's delicious trilogy about Cleopatra's daughter, Daughters of the Nile. I adored it and it made my top ten of 2013 (which I hope to post someday!).

To celebrate, Stephanie Dray is hosting a Facebook 'party' this Thursday, Jan 30th, from 12pm Eastern to 10pm Easter.  She and a bunch of awesome authors (and me!!) will be hanging around, giving away prizes and chatting about their books. I hope you'll consider joining it -- it's sort of like a wild chat with a bunch of your bookish, geeky friends, and if you've never participated one, I hope you'll give it a try!

On January 30th, from 12pm EST to 10pm EST, an impressive roster of historical fiction authors and bloggers are hosting a Facebook party in honor of historical fiction, the 2,023rd anniversary of the Ara Pacis, and the release of Stephanie Dray's newest book, Daughters of the Nile: A novel of Cleopatra's Daughter.

Some participating authors include:
  • Stephanie Dray
  • Jeannie Lin
  • Kate Quinn
  • Erika Shephard Robuck
  • Heather Webb
  • Vicky Alvear Shecter
  • J.F. Ridgley
  • Donna Russo Morin
  • Eliza Knight
  • Sophie Perinot
  • Kathryn Kimball Johnson (aka Mary Hart Perry)
  • Audra Friend
  • Alma Katsu
  • Roberta Oliver Trahan
  • Marci McGuire Jefferson
  • Stephanie Thornton
  • Stephanie Cowell
Readers can win free books, lunch at the next Historical Novel Society meeting, swag, gift cards, and other prizes from some of the hottest authors of the genre. Please join us, and RSVP!


  1. How fun to have a Facebook party! It never ceases to amaze me what can be done with technology. I'll try to attend since you have 'invited' me; I don't know nearly enough about historical fiction though I officially joined the challenge this year.

    1. I know, it really amazes me -- I'd never get to be in a room with a more than a dozen historical fiction authors unless it were a special event -- to do it on a random Thursday is incredible, and so very cool. Hope you can make it!

  2. I had fun at that party! It was cool meeting all those historical authors!