Sunday, January 5, 2014

Mailbox Monday, January 5

My first Mailbox Monday for 2014!

The winter blizzard delayed mail for a few days, which meant, once delivery resumed, I had a wonderful deluge of arrivals! A delicious mix of genres and themes. I can't wait to read each one!

To learn more about a title, click the image; the GoodReads page should open in a new window/tab.

What did you get? Have you heard of any of these? For those of you who celebrate Christmas, did you get the bookish haul you wanted?

For Review

book cover: taking what i like by linda bamber book cover: flight of the sparrow by amy belding brown

book cover: careless people by sarah churchwell book cover: gilded hearts by christine d'abo

book cover: devil may care by patricia eimer book cover: much ado about jack by christy english

book cover: hammett unwritten by owen fitzstephen book cover: the white lie by andrea gillies

book cover: the mist in the mirror by susan hill book cover: under the wide and starry sky by nancy horan

book cover: heathers by evangeline jennings book cover: niagara by evangeline jennings

book cover: the queen of the tearling by erika johansen book cover: the string diaries by stephen lloyd jones

book cover: the invention of wings by sue monk kidd book cover: never be at peace by m.j. neary

book cover: american blonde by jennifer niven book cover: a different sun by elaine neil orr

book cover: lovers at the chameleon club, paris 1932 by francine prose

book cover: the anatomy lesson by nina siegal book cover: the book of heaven by patricia storace

book cover: secrecy by rupert thomson


book cover: don juan by alessandro baricco book cover: gulliver by jonathan coe

Thanks to Pushkin Children's Books


book cover: steal like an artist by austin kleon

My Christmas present from my artist brother-in-law (the one who designed my masthead), who hoped to inspire my writing!

book cover: benjamin franklin's bastard by sally cabot

book cover: zelda by nancy milford


  1. I saw the tearling is marketed as a female Game of Thrones...right so I as a woman can't read GOT then cos it's for men, humpf

    1. Ew, I hate that kind of marketing attitude! It's like when they give hist fic covers swords or really 'masculine' elements, as if men won't read a historical novel otherwise...

  2. Wow, what a week! I'm dying to get my hands on the new Sue Monk Kidd book!

  3. I just wrote and submitted a long comment that I don't want to rewrite. Where is it?

    1. I don't know! Just checked the comment queue -- it didn't go to spam! :/ I'm sorry!

  4. Here's an abbreviated comment:

    I read UNDER A WIDE AND STARRY SKY. Because Nancy Horan got such great reviews for her LOVING FRANK, this book, UNDER THE WIDE AND STARRY SKY, seemed promising. So what a disappointment! Granted, the trouble may be more with my dislike of this TYPE of book than of the book. It is not what I expected when I requested and won it from It is what I think of as "women's fiction," which usually bores me. But this is also historical fiction, and it's about an author of classics. How could I dislike it?

    I did, though. Maybe other readers will enjoy what I did not because this IS their type. But I didn't care for it. When I find myself preferring TV, even when "Dancing With the Stars" is on, I know my book isn't a winner.

    1. Yeah, I'm not wild about the women's fiction-style historical fiction either, like The Paris Wife or The Orphan Train, Sarah Jio, those kind of novels. Just doesn't quite work for me. Here's hoping I enjoy Under a Wide and Starry Sky -- I'm part of a review tour for it and I hate disliking tour books!

  5. Wow....what a fantastic mailbox. The snow served you well. :)

    ENJOY...they all look so good.

    I have a couple of these books on my shelf. Under The Wide and Starry Sky and White Lie are the ones I am referring to. A Different Sun looks great.

    I am expecting the Sue Monk Kidd book...hopefully this week.

    Love the cover of Flight of the Sparrow.

    Happy Reading!!

    My post will be up tomorrow.

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  6. Some good choices! Zelda and Careless People are on my to-read list. I'm also considering Under the Wide and Starry Sky and will be curious what you think of the new Sue Monk Kidd. I liked Secret Life of Bees but couldn't get in to The Mermaid Chair.

    What will you read first?

  7. Looks like you got a lot of good reads. I received Taking What I Like as well.

  8. Amazing books! enjoy them all.

  9. Wow! I want to read so many of these! Christy English appears to be taking her historical fiction in new direction, yes?

  10. So many gorgeous books! I wouldn't know where to start. The Queen of the Tearling looks great, and I'm intrigued by Heathers. Enjoy all your new arrivals & have a great week!

  11. Stopping back with my link. I LOVE all of your books. The covers are amazing.


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  12. What a great week you had!!
    I hope you enjoy them all!

  13. Hope you like your mailbox!

    Have a great mailbox each week, in 2014!

    Here is my post

  14. Amazing haul! So many intriguing titles. I hope you enjoy them all!

  15. Looks like some great ones. Enjoy!