Friday, January 31, 2014

Weekend reads and birthday month...

My wife's birthday was last weekend, which coincided with the ten year anniversary of our meeting! She got everything she wanted, from a homemade gourmet dinner to marathon-ing the Star Wars movies because I had never seen them. But we have a tradition in our family of celebrating the 'birthday month' which means my wife gets a few more weekends of fancy dinners made by me and dictating how we spend our weekends.  (Non-negotiable will be disassembling our Christmas tree, which we've obviously put off for weeks, oops!)

This weekend I'm reading Peter Swanson's The Girl with a Clock for a Heart. (The picture is from last night, not this morning -- I only do champagne before noon, and only on weekends!)

What are you reading this weekend?


  1. We're birthday month people too, and with our birthday months back to back, we have a very decadent end of summer/early fall. I sure hope the little one arrives nine days early so s/he can a birthday month all to its babyself (and me too!)

  2. The birthday month thing is real popular in my house, until it's MY birthday and then no one wants to celebrate. It's been a real sore point for me. You don't think you'll get emotional but it always seems to hit me at a weak point. Ugh! This year, after years and years of frustration. I am just going to pamper myself.

    Happy Birthday to your wife!

  3. Love the birthday month concept... why limit celebrations to a single day?? Happy Birthday to your wife!

    This weekend I'm reading We Are Water by Wally Lamb and listening to Ann Patchett read This is The Story of a Happy Marriage.

  4. Happy birthday to your wife!! I just might have to institute birthday month in my house. ...but not until September or so. :)

    This weekend I'm finishing Jennifer McMahon's The Winter People. Lovely and creepy!

  5. I love that idea of a birthday month. If our birthdays fall on weekends, especially, we consider that a birthday weekend and do similar, but a month must be a lot of fun. Happy birthday to your wife! I'm reading The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms.