Friday, January 24, 2014

Weekend reads and negative temperatures

Another ridiculously bitterly icy wintry weekend ahead of me!

I was feeling a bit book funk-ish until I started Anvil of God by J. Boyce Gleason. I'm on the tour for it, and would have passed except it got rave reviews and now I know why.

Snobbishly, I'm not wild about hist fic that doesn't have some ladies in it, and I was apprehensive that it would be all guys fighting all the time.  But so far, it's not!  The guys are rather plotty and there's a very kickass heroine I completely love. (Also, speaking of ladies, I don't know if you can tell, but the model on the cover is rocking abso-fantastic-lutely fabu eye shadow and I might attempt it one day...)

What are you reading this weekend?  Are you facing below zero weather too?


  1. Thank goodness for plotty guys. That book looks a little intimidating though.
    Still cold where you are? Still warm here, and windy as hell. Red flag warning all over the state. I'm so over it. My skin is so dry I can't drink enough water to stay hydrated.

    1. Yeah, it's a chunkster but I kind of like how solid it is -- very reassuring to cuddle up with!

      Isn't CA in the middle of a drought right now?? Ugh -- wish we could send some moisture your way!

  2. That cover is definitely promising -- can't wait for your review. It is going to be a chilly one here. I am planning on reading The Perfume Collector this weekend, once I finish my latest installment for the Back to the Classics Challenge!

    Have a great weekend! Let me know if you'd still like to plan an Enchanted April read in April!

  3. It's not below zero here but it's frigid for us so I've been doing lots of whining.

  4. Hallo, Hallo Audra!

    :) I was swimming in tech issues -- couldn't blog hop like I was used to doing for so long now that I am thankful I can return!! :) I'll be dropping notes on your blog between now and early next week! Eek. Thankful to be able to post again with regularity! Wait til I get to work on the posts in-between my book reviews again! Talk about waking up into a dream! :) :)

    You asked me what we are reading this weekend?!

    I am finishing my third ChocLit novel for my third ChocLitSaturdays!! I have been seeking romance novels out for quite a long while, and aside from finding the Word Wenches (of whom whose works I'll be reading all year long!), I wanted to find a publisher if possible who focused on the type of romances I love to read! Hence my pure joy these past three weekends -- my fourth will post the week ahead of Valentine's Day! I'm hoping to get some extra features going as well -- too happy for words to express properly!

    Oh, would help to give you the title, eh?

    "Close to the Wind" by Zana Bell - its a Victorian Historical and I cannot ever say no to this particular theme of romance!

    I'm reading "Writers Workshop of Science Fiction & Fantasy" as the launching post of a week focused on the works out of Seventh Star Press (26-31JAN) which I started to tweet about! :) I am part-way through but I want to go back through my earmarks to spotlight the sections which resonated with me personally. Then, I am diving into The Brotherhood of the Dwarves & Crown of Vengeance (SSP titles) as well as my last book tour for January: The Pact. (about bullying)

    I've been a bit bookish all month as I had deadlines each week, sometimes twice a week even! :) February will slow down a bit, but the greatest joy this month was my continued research into science fiction! I will be knitting together posts to reflect this, as I can finally finish and post the bits I wanted to contribute to the Sci-Fi Experience!

    On what you were mentioning on finding a book you love despite thinking you might not take to it at first - those are sometimes the best reads because your outside your comfort zone and wholly entrenched into the writer's vision! Love those moments!

    Have a very happy weekend, my friend! :)

  5. We've been on a roller coaster of temps the past couple of weeks. Yesterday when I drove into work it was three degrees below zero. Today when I came home it was 50. At least we get a break from the cold and we're not battling snow and ice on top of that. Hope you're staying warm!

  6. The polar vortex is back in full force here! I'm nice and warm inside, but I'll be working tonight (though, really, if you're waiting until NOW to buy a book, you're doing it wrong) and I keep staring out the window to see if the plow trucks have come through.

    ...they haven't. :(

  7. I'm still reading The Secret of Magic by Deborah Johnson, which I am quite enjoying but haven't actually picked up for several days. I hope to finish it this weekend, as yes, we are once again having ridiculously cold weather (and I *love* winter--this is too much). I don't plan to leave the house tomorrow, so it's a perfect day for reading!

  8. i am also on the tour and enjoyed this book very much

  9. Our weather's okay at the moment, but pretty random still. Hope the book continues well :) I've just started The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms.

  10. It is cold here again and we got 8 inches of snow yesterday with more coming tomorrow and again on the weekend! Is it March yet?